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13 Lakh Laddus Await Guests at Ayodhya Ram Temple Inauguration

As the Ayodhya Ram Temple gears up for its historic inauguration on January 22, a sweet surprise awaits the 8,000 invitees in the form of 13 lakh laddus, crafted with domestic ghee. A dedicated team of over 12 employees worked tirelessly for 24 hours to prepare these delectable treats, a divine offering for the auspicious occasion.

Made with a delightful mixture of gram flour, sugar, and dry fruits, these laddus will be distributed to guests following the completion of the Prana Pratishtha of Sri Ram, symbolizing blessings and devotion.

The meticulous preparations include packing the laddus in three types of tiffin boxes. Specifically, a steel tiffin box containing 11 laddus has been curated for the invited guests, showcasing the intricate touch of Ram Mandir stickers. Additionally, special packs with seven brownies have been set aside for VHP, RSS, and BJP workers, accompanied by three booklets narrating the history of the Ramjanmabhoomi moment and the significant role played by Devrah Baba. Each package also includes an angavastra.

Adding to the grandeur, 1,265 kg of Akhanda Laddu, prepared by Sriram Catering from Secunderabad under the guidance of the Nagabhushan Reddy family, will be presented as a sacred offering at 5:40 am on the day of the Bhavya Ram Mandir opening ceremony, enriching the celebration with sweetness and tradition.”

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