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33 students in T’gana hostel fall ill, after eating food containing dead lizard

At the hostel of tribal girls’ Asham high school at Wardhannapet in Telangana state on Monday night, 33 students fell ill because of food poisoning. After taking dinner, the girls started complaining of stomach ache, vomiting, etc. The seriously ill girls were admitted to the MGM Hospital in Warangal. 13 students have been admitted to a special ward. Doctors now said that their condition was alright and there is nothing complicated.

It is said by the girl who is undergoing the treatment that she noticed a dead lizard while eating the food, and stopped as soon as she found it. Though she informed the in-charge, he told her that it was not a lizard but a green chilli. A few minutes later, several students started vomiting and also complained of stomach ache and loose motions.

Education department authorities have ordered an inquiry. They said strong action would be taken against those found responsible. The authorities also worried parents of the students to rush to the hospital.

Bandi Sanjay, the President of BJP demanded that the affected students be shifted to Hyderabad for sophisticated treatment. He claimed that 60 students have fallen ill. He also conversed about a series of such incidents happened at residential schools during the previous couple of months. He alleged that the state directorate hasn’t succeeded to provide quality food at the residential schools.

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