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35 Chinna Katha Kaadu Teaser:

35 Chinna Katha Kaadu Teaser


It’s known that the beautiful actress Nivetha Thomas has taken a break from movies recently. She was introduced to the Telugu film industry with the movie “Gentleman,” starring Nani. With her debut film being a hit, she captivated the hearts of fans and continued to impress with a series of films. Nivetha is very selective with her projects, choosing roles that prioritize character over glamour.

She last appeared in the movie “Saakini Daakini” in 2022, which didn’t meet expectations. After this, Nivetha acted in a Malayalam film. Now, nearly two years later, she is set to entertain audiences with an extraordinary story. The movie “35 Chinna Katha Kaadu,” directed by Nand Kishore Eemani, features Nivetha Thomas, Priyadarshi, and Vishwadev Rachakonda in lead roles. The film is being produced by Suresh Productions and presented by Rana Daggubati.

The posters released from this movie have already impressed the audience. Recently, the makers released the teaser. The teaser gives the feel of a quintessential Telugu film. It reminds one of the hit web series “#90s” from last year. In this film, Nivetha plays the role of a mother to two children.

The story revolves around a middle-class family and parents who work hard for their children’s education. One of the children excels in studies, while the other does not. The mother, who failed her 10th grade, wants her son to succeed in his studies. However, the boy struggles with math, leading to constant scolding and beatings from everyone around him. Unable to bear the pain, the boy runs away. The story then focuses on what the mother does to find her son.

The film depicts how children who struggle with studies are treated at home and school, and the immense suffering they endure. It also showcases the pressure children face from teachers who care only about grades and parents who push them to excel academically because of the money invested in their education. The movie is set to release soon. It remains to be seen whether Nivetha will score a hit with her re-entry into films.

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