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48-Year-Old Sperm Donor Welcomes 165th Child 

48-Year-Old Sperm Donor Welcomes 165th Child 


In the US, a sperm donor known as “The Sperminator” recently welcomed his 165th child into the world. According to the New York Post, 48-year-old math professor Ari Nagel from Brooklyn is a sperm donor. His sperm has resulted in the birth of 165 children so far. Another astonishing fact is that Ari Nagel has children on almost every continent. Currently, in the US, Canada, Asia, Africa, and Europe, ten women are pregnant with his sperm. One of them is ready to deliver at any moment, and two more are due in July and August, according to Nagel.

Ari Nagel, the sperm donor, will turn 49 this August. He stated that he plans to continue being a sperm donor until he is 50 years old, aiming to father 175 children by then. He believes that having many children brings joy to life. Most of the recipients of his sperm live in New York, where 56 of his children reside, with 20 in New Jersey and 13 in Connecticut. Nagel mentioned that he frequently meets many of his sons and daughters born through his sperm donations.

Nagel began his journey as a sperm donor eight years ago. Since then, he has been providing sperm samples to one or two women each week through various methods. However, he has not been lucky in love. He commented on this, saying, “I have dating apps, but I have not been successful in identifying a woman I want to date among the women who have given birth to children through my sperm and the ten pregnant women who are about to give birth. This has also left me quite frustrated,” he said.

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