Monday, July 22, 2024
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500-Year-Old Priceless Idol Returns to India

500-Year-Old Priceless Idol Returns to India


India is known for its artistic ability. There are many perfect forms of sculptural art. Historically, still, the country was indulged in vast numbers of creations. The Persian invaders, however, looted the richness, and later, the British plundered the richness of India. As they left India, they took many a valuable idol and other artifacts out of the country. Lately, some of these treasures have been brought back to the country. A 500-year-old idol is about to be brought back from the country. Let’s find out the full news when you click down following the headlines.

Years back, the British reigned over India and looted all its treasures. As they left the country, they took a massive set of desirable artifacts and idols—their leftovers coming from centuries old. Though in recent times, several important Indian antiquities have been brought back to the country from various countries, thanks to the initiative of the central government, several invaluable and unique grand possessions were repatriated from foreign lands to India, another idol entered the list of treasures now on their way back. About 500 years old, the bronze idol is all set to return to its rightful place in India. It was taken from a temple in Tamil Nadu. . The idol of the Tamil poet and saint Thirumangai Alvar dates back to the 16th century when it was installed. It is a 60-centimeter diameter idol. The British had this idol looted from a famous temple in Tamil Nadu and later put it in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford University, Britain. In 1967, an individual by the name of Dr. J.R. Belmont bought the idol at a Sotheby’s auction. The Ashmolean Museum acknowledged a few facts about this idol and said that one of its researchers had informed them at some point last year about the idol’s history. The museum, after that, contacted the Indian High Commission. Barely weeks after that, the Indian government contacted the museum with a formal request for the repatriation of the Thirumangai Alvar bronze idol. On account of compliance and to respond to the demand for repatriation of the idol from the Indian government, the Oxford University Council decided to return the idol in adherence to the claim. Explanatory: The dated March 11, 2024 decision. The priceless idol of bronze Thirumangai Alvar, which is at least 500 years old, is back in India, and this news is received with jubilation. This follows several other stolen artifacts, and many more are under the process of repatriation; these had been stolen in the UK. This is how, in August of the past year, the 17th-century bronze idol of Navaneet Krishna from Tamil Nadu was brought back and handed over to the Indian High Commissioner in Britain. The homecoming of such lost idols is welcomed with open arms by the people of their homeland, India.

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