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80% of foreign Medical Graduates couldn’t accomplish India’s licence exam

80% of foreign Medical Graduates couldn’t accomplish India’s licence exam


The National Board of Examination (NBE) had conducted a screening test Foreign Medical Graduate Programme (FMGE) in December 2021. Indian students who have pursued their medical course to practice in India are required to appear for the test. The test was mandated by the National Medical Commission.

The NBE has declared the test results, mentioning that only less than 20% are qualified in the test. Overseas medical graduates from certain nations like Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine are permitted to practice in India, only if they get passed in the FMGE. But, MBBS graduates who belong to Australia, Canada, UK, and NewZealand do not need to attempt the exam.

The students who have attempted the test are saying that there were errors in question paper this year and those questions worth 12 marks. So, the students should have been awarded marks. They have petitioned the NBE concerning the inappropriateness mentioned on the paper.

On condition of anonymity, a 32-year-old from Mumbai, who accomplished her MBBS degree in Russia’s Ryazan oblast 8 years ago, she could not clear the FMGE despite ten attempts. She is pursuing hospital management at an institute in Mumbai currently. She said that she would not give up her dream to practice medicine, hence attended for the FMGE again. She also stated the reason behind her aspirations to pursue medicine, saying, while she was mulling over where to apply, she was told that the institute is one of the best in the country.

No clarity in syllabus :

For experiencing failures in the test for 4 years, another medical graduate who completed her MBBS from a university in Shandong, China, has failed to achieve success this year too. Hence, she committed herself to never reroute energy in anything else but merely concentrate on preparing for her next effort at exams.

Some have committed to alter careers in lieu of wasting time

Getting irritated of the failures in the exam all the times, the students have lost their interest to pursue the course and decided to turn their career in another way. For example, a 35-year-old businessman from Jind, Haryana, has ultimately gave up the goal to become a doctor three years ago, after attempting the FMGE five times following the MBBS degree from a university in Mascow in the year 2014. At present, he is dealing with the business of manufacturing perfumes and leading his family.

Likewise, many MBBS aspirants have remained helpless to their dreams and turned to other alternative professional careers for being vexed of FMGE exam which has been mystifying the students’ minds.

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