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A Multilingual Cinematic Odyssey Capturing Modi’s Political Journey

A forthcoming biopic titled “Viswanetha” is poised to bring Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life to the silver screen. Produced by Kashireddy Sarath Reddy under Vande Media Private Limited and directed by CH Kranti Kumar, the film is set to be a pan-Indian production. A stellar cast, including Abhay Deol, Neena Gupta, Anupam Kher, and Pallavi Joshi, will portray pivotal roles in this cinematic portrayal of Modi’s journey. Notably, the biopic will span multiple Indian languages, aiming to capture the diverse linguistic audience.

Adding musical depth to “Viswanetha” is Kalabhairava, the son of renowned composer Keeravani. The biopic is set to depict Modi’s rise from being a chai wala to a global leader, delving into key moments such as the abolition of Article 370, demonetization, the introduction of GST, and the construction of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This cinematic venture is poised to offer audiences an immersive experience into the life and political journey of one of India’s prominent leaders.

“Viswanetha” follows in the footsteps of a previous biopic titled ‘PM Narendra Modi,’ which hit screens during the 2019 elections. Starring Vivek Oberoi as Modi, that film garnered attention for its portrayal of significant events in the Prime Minister’s life. With “Viswanetha,” audiences can anticipate a fresh perspective on Modi’s narrative, complemented by an ensemble cast and the creative expertise of the filmmaking team.

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