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A Silver Triumph in Powerlifting and Badminton Glory for Nivetha Pethuraj

Movie celebrities are increasingly showcasing their diverse talents beyond the silver screen, making a mark in various sports and becoming role models. A senior actress, aged 47, recently emerged as the South Indian champion in the Pragathi Powerlifting Competitions 2024, earning a commendable silver medal. This accomplishment, achieved through hard work and dedication, garnered praise from fellow celebrities and fans.

In a different realm, the latest heroine of Tollywood, Nivetha Pethuraj, demonstrated her prowess in badminton by winning the mixed doubles title for Madurai in a state-level tournament held in Tamil Nadu. Sharing her victory on social media, she expressed her joy with the hashtag “Best Coach,” receiving appreciative comments from fans. The photos of Nivetha with the badminton champion cup quickly went viral, showcasing her skills and sportsmanship.

Beyond badminton, Nivetha has also proven herself as a skilled car racer, holding the status of a professional F1 car racer with several medals in Formula Car Racing. Currently active in both Tamil and Telugu films, Nivetha Pethuraj continues to impress audiences not only with her acting but also with her versatile talents in sports.

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