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Accused Planned to Attack Salman:  

Accused Planned to Attack Salman


Bollywood star Salman Khan was the target of a major conspiracy. Sensational details have emerged from the investigation into the gunfire incident at Salman Khan’s house last April. It has been revealed that the attack was intended to kill Salman Khan. The police have arrested a total of five accused and have filed a chargesheet in court following the investigation.

It was learned that the five accused had agreed to a contract of Rs. 25 lakhs to kill Salman Khan. Subsequently, the Bishnoi gang kept a close watch on Salman Khan’s movements. After observing Salman’s movements for some time, the gang planned to surround his car and open fire. To this end, they purchased AK-47, AK-92, M16 rifles, and Turkish-made Zigana pistols from Pakistan.

A boy from North America was specially brought in to assassinate Salman. According to the plan, the accused waited for orders from Bishnoi. It is understood that more than 50 members of the Bishnoi gang were deployed to monitor Salman Khan’s movements. They tracked his activities at his house, his farmhouse in Panvel, and on his shooting sets.

Since Salman Khan’s name emerged in the blackbuck poaching case in Rajasthan, the Bishnoi gang has targeted him. As part of this, they procured weapons from Pakistan. These weapons were previously used in the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala.

A boy was brought in to kill Salman. Their bosses are based in North America. However, they formed a WhatsApp group and waited to execute the attack. It was found that there were a total of 15 members in this group. They shared information about the murder plan in the group. The chargesheet mentioned that Anmol Bishnoi, Goldie Brar, Ajay Kashyap, Vinod Bhatia, Rizwan Hasan, Vaspi, and Mohammad Khan were part of this group.

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