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Actor Mohan Babu confirms that he is a BJP member

Veteran actor-turned-politician Manchu Mohan Babu has confirmed today in front of the media that he is now a BJP member and joined forces with the party. To attend the hearing in a poll code violation case of 2019, he, along with his sons Vishnu and Manoj, besides staff members of Sri Vidya Niketan, Chandragiri, galloped to a local court in Tirupati.

In agitation against the non-release of fees under the fee reimbursement scheme, Mohan Babu, including students and staff members of his institution, made a strike on the Tirupati road, three years ago. The Tirupati police filed a case against him for a poll code violation. During those days, he was antagonistic towards the TDP government and joined hands with YSRCP on behalf of YS Jagan and campaigned for it.

But the fee reimbursement issue remained as usual, even after Jagan came to power in the year 2019. So, Mohan Babu was dissatisfied with the YCP government also and kept the party at a distance from himself. Later, he also expected to get a Rajya Sabha ticket from Jagan, but as it did not happen, he completely got out of the party.

Today, he announced that he is a BJP member and he stringently believes BJP will come to power in the coming elections. He stressed Jagan, claiming, “I was unhappy for not being given any post by Jagan. I didn’t ask for any posts or positions; nor did Jagan offer me any posts.”

There is also talk that Mohan Babu is completely unhappy with Jagan, as the chief minister did not involve him in talks with some bigwigs like Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, and others, regarding the film ticket prices issue that raised the heat in the earlier days. 

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