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“Adivi Sesh Applauds Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’ Premiere”

As the highly anticipated release of Kiran Rao’s film ‘Laapataa Ladies’ draws near, actor Adivi Sesh adds to the excitement with his glowing review following the film’s premiere in Mumbai. With the screening held on February 27, celebrities and cinema aficionados converged to witness the captivating tale crafted by Rao. Among them, Sesh stood out, showering praise on the film’s brilliant performances and heartwarming narrative.

In his review, Sesh commended the exceptional talents of Nitanshi, Sparsh, and Pratibha, alongside the captivating portrayal by Ravi Kishan. He expressed his admiration for Rao’s directorial prowess, describing the film as a “lovely gem” that resonates with hope and authenticity. Grateful for the invitation from Aamir Khan Productions, Sesh also acknowledged the crucial role played by Jio Studios in bringing this poignant story to the audience.

Notably, Sesh was particularly moved by the enchanting music composed by Ram Sampath, which added depth and charm to the overall cinematic experience. With its release imminent, ‘Laapataa Ladies’ promises to captivate audiences with its talented ensemble cast, including Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastava, and Ravi Kishan.

Directed by Kiran Rao and produced by Aamir Khan and Jyoti Deshpande, the film represents a testament to resilience and talent, as portrayed through its compelling narrative and memorable performances. As anticipation continues to build, ‘Laapataa Ladies’ emerges as a cinematic ode to the strength of the human spirit and the power of storytelling.

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