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Ajay Devgan’s comments on Hindi language shown bad impact on his film

Recently, both the actors Ajay Devgan and Kiccha Sudeep have landed in a controversy on the issue of the Hindi language. A few days back, Sudeep Kiccha said that Hindi is no longer the National language. Reacting to his comments, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan countered him, by saying strongly that Hindi is and always will be our mother tongue.

This comment made by Ajay hasn’t gone well with many in the south region. Ajay has approached the audience through his recent film Runway 34. Now, the fans who didn’t like the comment in south India are pouring scorn on the film and throwing bad reviews on it.

In this way, Ajay’s comments against Sudeep have impacted his newly released film badly. Ajay Devgan asked Sudeep if Hindi is not our Hindi language according to him, then why did he release his mother tongue movies by dubbing them in Hindi? However, those actors’ debate on the Hindi language is still doing rounds on social media.


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