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Ajmer 92 Horror Returns: Shocking Revelations in the Ajmer Gang Rape Case

Select Ajmer 92 Horror Returns: Shocking Revelations in the Ajmer Gang Rape Case Ajmer 92 Horror Returns: Shocking Revelations in the Ajmer Gang Rape Case


The Ajmer gang rape case, which has shaken the entire nation, is revealing numerous shocking details. The incident, which took place in Ajmer district of Rajasthan, has now become a topic of discussion nationwide. The perpetrators lured the victim by sending her a friend request on Instagram. Many sensational aspects are emerging in this case, which has created a stir across the country. The gang rape incident in Ajmer district of Rajasthan is now a subject of national discussion. The accused lured the victim by sending her a friend request on Instagram. They morphed girls’ photos, threatened them, extorted money, and then committed gang rape. This incident has sparked large-scale protests in Ajmer.

The first step the culprits take is to trap girls through social media and morph their photos. They send the morphed obscene photos to the girls and demand money. They convince the victims to pay in cash. Using this pretext, they summon the victim to a location and gang rape her. The culprits record this heinous act on video and repeatedly blackmail the victim, demanding money from her. This is the story of the Ajmer gang.

The police investigation revealed that the perpetrators mainly target girls attending coaching centers and colleges. During this process, a young girl studying in intermediate joined a coaching center. She became acquainted with another girl. The new acquaintance told her to accept a friend request from an Instagram ID named Irfan. Unaware of the truth, the victim accepted the friend request as her friend suggested. From that moment, the perpetrators downloaded the girl’s photos and started morphing them. They sent the morphed photos back to the girl on Instagram and threatened to make them viral on social media if she did not pay the demanded amount.

The girl, who agreed to the deal, was ready to pay 5 lakh rupees. She stole the money from her home. The perpetrator sent a location, asking the victim to come with the money. When she arrived with the money, the accused and his friends gang-raped her. They recorded the entire crime on video. They sent the video back to the girl and demanded another 10 lakh rupees.

Unable to pay such a large amount, the girl disclosed the truth to her family. As a result, the victim approached the police, bringing the issue to light. The Ajmer police registered the case and have so far arrested six accused in this case. The investigation revealed that this sequence of events had been ongoing since October 2023. Interestingly, a similar incident involving a large obscene gang emerged in Ajmer in 1992. At that time, the police arrested about 18 people, causing riots throughout the Ajmer region.

In the recent incident, all the accused are also from the same community, reminding the local residents of the 1992 incident. The Rajasthan government has set up a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate this latest incident. Notably, the six accused arrested so far are all between the ages of 19 and 23. With the incident creating an uproar nationwide, the police have taken the accused into custody for further investigation.

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