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Amazon accused of selling immodest painting of Radha Krishna

A complaint has been filed against one of the notorious e-commerce platforms, Amazon in Bengaluru’s Subrahmanya Nagar police station for encouraging the sale of obscene painting portrayals of Lord Radha-Krishna on the Sri Krishna Janmashtami yesterday. The complaint was filed by Hindu Janajagruthi Samithi in Bengaluru. The Samithi has reportedly submitted a memorandum requesting action against the e-commerce giant.

Taking to Twitter, an organization said, “Members of Hindu Jagruthi organization submitted a memorandum to the police inspector, Subrahmanya Nagar Bengaluru, requesting action against Amazon for selling an obscene painting of Lord Krishna with Radha on their website.” They also said that they tried to check the painting on the website and it was not visible on Amazon. The seller might have taken it out.

It is known that the painting was sold by the Inkologie store on Amazon’s platform. The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), India’s consumer watchdog, recently issued an order against the company for allowing the sale of domestic pressure cookers in violation of compulsory standards on its platform. 

It has also instructed Amazon to notify consumers of all 2,265 pressure cookers, and recall and reimburse the prices of such pressure cookers to consumers. The e-commerce platform has also been asked to submit a compliance report in 45 days. The company has also been directed to pay a penalty of Rs 1 lakh for allowing the sale of pressure cookers in violation of the Quality Control Order (QCO) and violating consumer rights.

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