Monday, September 25, 2023
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Amazon plans to dismiss 10,000 people soon

Adding to the bloodbath being viewed in the technology world after Twitter and Facebook parent Meta significantly trimmed their workforce, technology giant Amazon plans to lay off yen thousand people in corporate and technology jobs in the near future. 

The total number of lay offs remain fluid, the 10,000 people who could be let go represent roughly 3% of the company’s corporate employees and below 1% of its global workforce of more than 1.5 million composed primarily of hourly workers. As per reports, the cuts will concentrate on Amazon’s devices organisation, including the voice-assistant Alexa, and at its retail division and in human resources. The company’s layoffs come just weeks after Twitter’s new owner billionaire Elon Musk reduced the social media’s workforce by half and Meta announced it will lay off 13% of its workforce or 11,000 employees.

During the pandemic times, the company doubled its workforce in two years, as consumers flocked to online shopping and companies to Amazon’s cloud computing services. However, as the world recovered from the pandemic and consumers scaled bank on online shopping, the company face high costs from decisions to over invest and rapidly expand, while changes in shopping habits and high inflation dented sales.

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