Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Anchor Rohini Arrested: Controversy Surrounding Rave Parties

Anchor Rohini Arrested: Controversy Surrounding Rave Parties


Recently, the issue of rave parties has been creating a significant uproar. Many celebrities have found themselves entangled in these incidents, leading to arrests. A recent rave party in Bangalore shook the film industry, with reports suggesting the involvement of prominent figures from Tollywood. This caused quite a stir within the Tollywood community. Notably, actress Hema was highlighted as a participant in this rave party.

Initially, Hema shared videos denying her participation. However, the truth came to light when the police released her photo. Hema was not only arrested but also spent several days in jail. Now, another celebrity from the television industry, anchor Rohini, is rumored to have been caught at a rave party, as a viral video suggests.

Rohini, known for her comedic scripts on the show “Jabardasth” and for her roles in various films, is seen in the viral video allegedly attending a rave party. She has earned a name for herself with her comic timing, leading directors to cast her in comedic roles. She also acts in supporting roles in films and is an anchor for several shows.

The video showing Rohini’s alleged involvement in the rave party has surprised many. However, the video appears to be part of a promotional effort rather than an actual rave party. Some viewers suggest it is related to the promotions for a movie.

In the video, media representatives question Rohini, but the microphone has a channel symbol not seen anywhere else, suggesting a promotional stunt. Additionally, the police officer behind her seems to be an actor. It is speculated that Rohini is promoting a movie called “Birthday Boy.”

In the video, when asked about her presence at the party, Rohini responds, “I have nothing to do with this, Sir. I just came for a birthday party.” When a person tells her, “Madam, it came positive,” she replies, “I haven’t even done the tests yet, so how can it be positive?” When asked to say something, she advises people to be cautious about attending NRI parties without knowing the details.

The video strongly suggests it is a promotional act for a movie. It remains to be seen what updates will emerge regarding this situation.

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