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Andhra-born Distributor to Head Telugu Film Chamber

Andhra-born Distributor to Head Telugu Film Chamber


Hyderabad, India – With the Telugu Desam Party coming to power in Andhra Pradesh, there is every likelihood of a change in the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce also. As the president of the chamber, Tollywood producer Dil Raju has already announced his intention to relinquish his post at the end of June, and accordingly, plans are now afoot among industry seniors to elect an Andhra-born distributor.

New Equations

It is after N Chandrababu Naidu’s election as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh that the chamber members have started reaching out for a leader from Andhra Pradesh. According to a source close to the chamber, “Members believe that an Andhra-born president would give them better leverage with the new state government.”

New Leadership

First, it was a distributor from Telangana who was in the contention for the post. With changing political scenario, now all set to take over the reins from Dil Raju are distributors from Andhra Pradesh. “It is the turn of a distributor to assume presidentship after the producers’ sector,” the source added .

Possible Candidates

The top candidates most likely to nail the position include some famous distributors like Bharat Bhushan, Satyanarayana, and Tagore Madhu. The final decision will be done by the 44-member executive committee of the chamber itself. “It is expected to be a tight contest between two main candidates, with one potentially withdrawing,” the source noted.

Poll Process

To become a president, one has to be one of the 12 executive members the academy holds from the sector of distributors and get a minimum of 25 votes out of the 48 votes. Activating the election are the executive members from the sectors of the producers, exhibitors, distributors, studios—along with the four votes of the chairpersons of each sector.


The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce is going to witness a crucial change in leadership with pace from changing dynamics in politics and industry. As Andhra Pradesh distributors come to the center, the new president is going to take steps towards developing a closer relationship between the state government and the film industry.

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