Monday, July 22, 2024
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Andhra Pradesh Ministers Launch Free Sand Policy to Boost Construction Sector

Andhra Pradesh Ministers Launch Free Sand Policy to Boost Construction Sector


Following its launching by state ministers at various places, a policy of ‘Free Sand’ was inaugurated in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday. At the state level, Tourism Minister Kandula Durgesh inaugurated the policy; it allows people to take sand for free and only bear expenses for its transport, loading, and unloading. The policy was brought into practice to help the cause of construction workers, Durgesh told the media. He noted that in the past, lack of availability of sand would prevent the common man from building a house or undertaking any other building works. This problem is eliminated with sand being provided free of cost. He added that this policy fulfilled an assurance given by the three-party alliance to provide free sand.

MP Daggubati Purandeswari on Sunday said that large-scale looting of sand took place during the tenure of the YSRC government due to which construction workers and others are undergoing immense difficulty in getting the material. She said that the new policy will end such problems. District Collector Prashanthi informed that at present, four lakh metric tonnes of sand are available at seven sand reaches. People in need can contact 18004252540 to get the sand. The sand storage centers are monitored under CC cameras surveillance and police, with a deputy tehsildar appointed to oversee each sand storage point.

Women and Tribal Welfare Minister Gummidi Sandhya Rani launched the free sand distribution at Sivaramapuram in Salur Mandal, Parvathipuram Manyam District on Wednesday. The minister claimed that the policy would drastically cut down construction costs for the common man, thereby helping them to construct homes at an affordable cost. She also stated that the new sand policy is likely to give a major fillip to the construction and ancillary industries.

This is the epitome of commitment of the state government toward reducing the burden on construction workers and, at large, the common people. Having seen that the continuous supply of sand without any cost can revive the construction sector, which has earlier been crippled because of the scarcity and mismanagement of sand, the state government is eyeing this policy as a surefire way through which to stimulate the economy and infrastructure development in Andhra Pradesh. Long-term impacts of this gesture will be very positive and far-reaching on the construction sector and beyond.

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