Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Andhra Pradesh: Public Grievance Redressal System Starts Today     

Andhra Pradesh: Public Grievance Redressal System Starts Today     


After the new government in Andhra Pradesh assumed office, it has been moving forward with the intention of ensuring governance is accessible to all citizens. Leaders of the three coalition parties have decided to ensure that the people face no difficulties under their rule. They are directing officials to quickly address and resolve any issues that citizens might face.

Acknowledging the record-breaking majority that brought them to power, the new government is planning to be always available to the public and to ensure an acceptable level of governance. As part of this initiative, the coalition government is introducing a Public Grievances Redressal System starting today. This system, previously known as ‘Spandana’ under the last administration, will now operate under the new name and will be accessible to the public every Monday from 10 AM onwards.

In all districts, including the offices of collectors, district-level offices, revenue divisional offices, mandal offices, municipal corporations, and various other offices, officials will be available to receive complaints from the public. Citizens can directly visit these offices to submit their grievances to the officials. Additionally, complaints can also be submitted online through a dedicated portal. The officials have been instructed to send responses within a specified timeframe, ensuring the prompt resolution of complaints. The government has issued orders for officials to take immediate action to resolve the grievances.

The state government has directed all department officials to resolve complaints from the public in a way that fosters a positive attitude towards the government. Additionally, they have been instructed to solve issues as quickly as possible to prevent citizens from repeatedly visiting government offices for resolutions. The government has mandated that this program be conducted regularly every Monday.

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