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AP Govt drew huge amounts from employees’ PF accounts?

Andhra Pradesh government employees were in a great state of bewilderment on Tuesday when they found that their GPF amounts had been withdrawn from their accounts without their consent. Even so, they did not receive the customary SMS alert about the withdrawal. 

As a result, the state government employees Association state president K.R.Suryanarayana has threatened to file a police complaint, highlighting that it is an offense to withdraw money from employees’ accounts without their involvement. 

He alleged that in all, Rs 800 crore has been withdrawn from GPF accounts of a total of 90,000 employees in an unlicensed manner. He asked, “How can the accountant general (AG), who is the custodian of GPF funds, allow such illegal withdrawals.”

According to inquiries, the AG uploaded the annual statements of GPF accounts on Monday night. When employees downloaded them on Tuesday to their Shutter Shock, they found that certain amounts had been taken out from their accounts by sufficient authorities.

Suryanarayana acknowledged that Rs 83,000 had been withdrawn from his own GPF account. Many employees have informed him about such withdrawals. Since no one could elucidate how these withdrawals happened, a police complaint will be filed by the employees’ leader.

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