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AP High Court: First Animal Habeas Corpus, 195 Cows’ Release Scrutinized

AP High Court: First Animal Habeas Corpus, 195 Cows' Release Scrutinized


For the first time, a habeas corpus petition for animals was filed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. The High Court heard about the petition on Wednesday. It expressed anger toward the Bezawada police. The court lambasted the police for doing their own thing in their release of the cows without following the CRPC. The High Court ordered the incharge of the Bhavanipuram Police Station to file an affidavit containing full details about the whereabouts and health condition of the cows. This matter will be heard further today by the court.

It is learnt that animal lovers had handed over 195 cows, which were being illegally transported, to Bhavanipuram police on June 16. But the Bhavanipuram police acted negligently in the matter and released the cows without registering any case against the person transporting them illegally. Hence, the animal lovers filed a habeas corpus petition in the High Court, seeking that the cows be produced before a magistrate. The division bench, comprising Justice Durga Prasad and Justice Sumathi Jagadam, heard the petition on Wednesday and posted it for examination again today.

What Happened:

On the eve of Bakrid, the petitioners intercepted vehicles that were illegally transporting animals in Vijayawada. There were cows that were less than ten years old and underweight. Some of these cows even had skin diseases. According to the rules, animals below ten years of age and those afflicted by diseases are not to be used for meat purposes. The petitioners promptly filed a complaint at Bhavanipuram police station and obstructed the transportation of those animals. Thereafter, the police requested the petitioners to go back to the police station. When they arrived at the place, there were about 300 people waiting outside and claiming themselves to be the owners of the seized animals and insisting on the release of the animals. The petitioners did not agree to their arguments. Without a proper investigation and verification of the facts legally, the police remanded the petitioners and took the animals to an unknown place. Consequently, the petitioners filed petitions before the High Court against such illegal and unilateral decision, respectively, under various offenses including Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and AP Cow Slaughter Prohibition and Animal Preservation Act 1977.

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