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AP High court to go legal against Bigg Boss show

The biggest popular reality shows Bigg Boss has been meeting with various contentions mostly in recent times. It is known that Telugu Yuvashakti president Kethireddy Jagadeeshwar Reddy filed a pill in 2019 that Bigg Boss content is deluding the youth and it is encouraging flamboyance.

Even with a continuous sequence of condemnations arising from several politicians and social organizations, the organizers of the show are not responding to them and do not show their consideration towards those sectors. The case approached the High Court bench after the Telugu Yuvashakti president filed the case in 2019. 

The case has reached the High court bench which contains Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah and Justice T Rajasekhara Rao. While hearing the petition, the High court has made some key comments which are sure to be caught the attention of the entertainment sector.

After taking the details of the case, the court said the matter will be heard on Monday. The court found that the petitioner had filed a good lawsuit. The court said that such programs increase flamboyance in the community. People think that their children are safe and that they have no issues with such kinds of shows. If you don’t consider other people’s problems like this, no one cares when you have a problem.

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