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AP MLC Election Schedule: Reduced Strength. TDP Unanimous

AP MLC Election Schedule: Reduced Strength. TDP Unanimous


Andhra Pradesh: By-Election for Two MLC Seats on July 12; YSRCP has made a grave mistake by disqualifying four MLCs prior to the elections. With two MLCs elected under the MLA quota and two under the local authorities’ quota, their strength in the council has been cut down. If they had not been disqualified, then at least those four would at least technically be YSRCP members in the council; now, since the notification came out for by-elections to the two vacant MLA quota seats, it simply leaves YSRCP with no strength to contest, because it has made the seats unopposed and going into the kitty of the TDP. Now, all eyes are on who those two new TDP members joining the council will be.

Ahead of elections, YSRCP government issued orders disqualifying MLCs who happened to be supporters of TDP. However, this move backfired as those seats are going to TDP. Total four MLCs were disqualified, including two from the MLA quota and two from the local authorities’ quota. C Ramachandraiah from Kadapa and Iqbal from Anantapur were the YSRCP MLCs from the MLA quota. Both joined TDP and were disqualified.

Even after resigning, they were declared disqualified. Now the schedule of by-election came out. The Election Commission has released the schedule of by-elections for the two MLA quota MLC seats in Andhra Pradesh. The notification will be issued on 25th of this month, and the last date for filing nominations is July 2. While the withdrawal deadline is July 5, polling will be held on July 12, and the same day results will be declared.

Now, considering the present strength, YSRCP itself, with its 11 MLAs, doesn’t get a chance to contest. That itself makes the two seats unopposed. If they haven’t disqualified the four members, at least technically, they would have remained YSRCP members. Gone is the confidence of YSRCP in retaining power, and it has missed this opportunity too. C. He joined the YSRCP in 2018 and became an MLC in 2021, his term running up to over three years from now. His political

He has had a career with TDP, serving as a minister and Rajya Sabha member. Afterwards, he joined PRP and later Congress to become an MLC again and a minister after the merging with YSRCP. Having a record of targeting Chandrababu Naidu while in Congress and YSRCP, it now has to be seen whether he will get another chance this time in the TDP.

The former MLC Sheikh Mohammed Iqbal from Hindupur in Anantapur district fought against Nandamuri Balakrishna in the 2019 elections and lost by 18,000 votes. He was made an MLC in 2019 after YSRCP came to power and again in the year 2021 under the MLA quota. His term was set to end in March 2027. A day after Jagan refused to give him a ticket to contest from Hindupur again, he resigned from the MLC post and joined TDP. What boomeranged on them was the bringing in of Deepika, a software employee from Bangalore, on the recommendation of Peddireddy, the then Minister, to contest against Balayya in Hindupur. Added to that, Iqbal’s joining in the TDP seems to have greatly helped Balayya to win with a majority of 32,597 votes. This time, Chandrababu may give an opportunity to Iqbal, a former IPS officer, under the minority quota.

It would also be interesting to note who TDP is going to nominate for the second seat. First in the list is former Pithapuram MLA SVSN, Varma. He played a very crucial role in Pawan Kalyan’s victory by sacrificing his seat for Pawan in 2019. With Pawan winning an MLA with a majority of 70,279 votes, Varma’s role is well-acknowledged. Chandrababu promised him the first MLC seat for his sacrifice; maybe Pawan would support his nomination as well.

When a by-election was announced for Visakha South, Vamsi Krishna Yadav from Visakhapatnam resigned to contest from the constituency as a Jana Sena candidate. He is now an MLA. Many people criticised that YSRCP should have accepted his resignation instead of disqualifying him. Similarly, in the case of Indukuri Raghuraju, who was elected as MLC from local bodies constituency, Vizianagaram in 2021, was disqualified and the seat was declared vacant.

The strength of YSRC has now fallen to 40 from the existing 45 as their members were disqualified in a 58-member Legislative Council. Before elections, former Gurajala MLA Janga Krishnamurthy resigned from YSRCP. More MLCs are now likely to fall into the alliance fold as YSRCP suffered a thrashing, and therefore, its strength from 45 fell to 40 in the council even before the first session of the new government.

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