Thursday, July 25, 2024
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APSRTC: Free Bus Service for Women in AP – Launch Date

APSRTC: Free Bus Service for Women in AP – Launch Date


Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy: According to Mandipalli Ramprasad Reddy, the minister of transportation for Andhra Pradesh, RTC buses will not be used for free for political party meetings. He launched five brand-new RTC bus services in Kuppam on Wednesday. During the event, the Priest expressed that modernization endeavors will be embraced for the Kuppam transport stand and transport station. He additionally referenced that transport administrations will be organized from Kuppam to all areas. He noticed that around 30 transports have shown up at the Kuppam warehouse because of CM Chandrababu’s visit to Kuppam.

The Minister stated that they are working toward APSRTC’s complete integration into the government and that steps will be taken to address the issues faced by Kuppam depot workers. He said that people are no longer willing to listen to Jagan’s words and that the Jagan government should be held accountable for raising bus fares despite the fact that diesel prices have decreased. He promised that the departments would be thoroughly investigated for any signs of corruption. He mentioned that an investigation is ongoing and that government lands will not be allowed to be encroached upon under any circumstances in relation to the allegations that YSRCP leader Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy misappropriated RTC lands.

In addition, Minister Reddy stated that Andhra Pradesh will implement the free bus travel for women in Telangana and Karnataka in light of the shortcomings found there. Quite important giving free transport travel to ladies was a commitment made by the TDP during the Andhra Pradesh Gathering decisions.

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