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“Ayodhya Mosque Construction Set to Commence in May 2024”

The inauguration of the Ayodhya temple in Uttar Pradesh marks the realization of a 500-year-old dream for Hindus, following the Supreme Court’s landmark verdict in 2019 recognizing the disputed 2.77 acres of land as the birthplace of Lord Ram. While the construction and inauguration of the Ram Mandir are complete, the foundation stone for the mosque, allotted to Muslim organizations by the Uttar Pradesh government, is yet to be laid.

Recently, the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation (IICF) announced plans to lay the foundation stone for the mosque in Ayodhya in May 2024. Haji Arafat Sheikh, the head of the organization, revealed that the mosque, named the Muhammad Bin Abdullah Mosque after Prophet Muhammad, will take approximately four years to complete.

The foundation brick for the mosque, made from holy water brought from the Jham Jham well in Makkah, bears the name of the mosque and verses from the Quran. It will be carried to Dhanipur village near Ayodhya after Ramadan Eid on March 12, with the first brick being carried in a foot procession from Kurla to Mulund in Mumbai, then to Lucknow, and finally reaching Dhanipur.

Sheikh disclosed that a new website for the mosque will be launched on February 29, featuring a QR code for donations towards construction. Additionally, plans have been outlined for various projects within the mosque complex, including a cancer hospital, college, old age home, and vegetarian kitchen.

As preparations for the mosque construction progress, it signifies a significant step towards fostering communal harmony and religious tolerance in Ayodhya, echoing the spirit of unity and coexistence envisioned by the Indian Constitution.

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