Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Ayodhya Ram Temple Roof Leaking:

Ayodhya Ram Temple Roof Leaking


Ayodhya Ram Temple Roof Leaking: No amount of discussion about the Ayodhya Ram Temple seems sufficient. Materials for its construction were sourced from various regions and used in the building process. The work was expedited and the temple was inaugurated with much grandeur. Seasons changed, winter and summer passed, and the monsoon began.

Flaws in the Ram Temple’s construction are now becoming apparent one by one. Recently, Ayodhya experienced heavy rainfall on Saturday, the first of the season. Due to the rain, a leakage problem was revealed in the temple. The leak started from the roof and extended into the sanctum sanctorum. This issue was disclosed by the temple’s chief acharya, Satendranath.

He stated that rainwater leaked into the area right in front of the Ram Lalla idol, where the priest sits, and where VIPs have their darshan. He expressed his concern over the negligence in the temple’s construction. Additionally, he noted that there was no proper drainage system installed to handle the rainwater.

Upon receiving information about the roof leakage, the chairman of the temple construction committee, Nripendra Misra, promptly responded. He suggested repairs to make the roof waterproof. He also revealed that the work on the first floor is expected to be completed by the end of July, and the entire temple could be finished by the end of this year.

The water leakage issue in the Ayodhya Ram Temple has now become a weapon for the opposition parties. Currently, the swearing-in of members is taking place in Parliament. After the Speaker’s election, the opposition plans to bring the Ayodhya Ram Temple issue to the forefront.

The opposition is prepared to use this issue to corner Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Parties, including the Congress, have argued that the BJP government constructed the temple solely for electoral gains. Several political leaders from various parties also stayed away from the Ayodhya Ram Temple inauguration. It is expected that there will be intense discussions on the leakage issue in the upcoming sessions.

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