Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Ayodhya Rama Mandir Inauguration Marked by Aerial Flower Shower

Ayodhya Rama Mandir Inauguration Marked by Aerial Flower Shower

Ayodhya is abuzz with anticipation as the Rama Mandir inauguration program enters its final stage, drawing large numbers of eager devotees to the streets and roads of the sacred city. In a symbolic gesture, an army helicopter showered a few tons of flowers onto the Ram temple, where Rama stands tall, setting the tone for the auspicious occasion.

Within the temple premises, the air resonated with the melodious tunes of Indian musical instruments, skillfully played by 30 talented artists. As the Prana Pratishtha program approaches, the atmosphere is charged with spiritual energy. The rituals will be conducted in Abhijeet Muhurtam, with 121 Acharyas overseeing and performing the sacred ceremonies. Ganeswara Shastri, entrusted with coordinating the Dravidian rituals, ensures the seamless execution of this significant event.

The much-anticipated participation of Prime Minister Modi in the Prana Pratishtha program adds to the reverence and importance of this historic day.”

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