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Bad time for KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has been commanding Telangana with a iron fist for the past nine years since he assumed power and he has never felt challenged by opposition parties. Thanks to his welfare schemes, he has been able to win people’s hearts. The thumping victory he got in 2018 reinforced his command on Telangana politics.

But of late KCR has been facing tough times and for the first time in his political career, he is seen in a defensive mode. BJP’s no holds barred attack on KCR’s daughter Kalvakuntla Kavita has pushed TRS into a serious trouble. Irrespective of whether Kavita will get arrested or not, the damage had already been done. 

BJP has successfully taken the message that Kavita is involved in liquor scam to the masses and put blame on KCR. This is a serious damage to TRS.

When TRS leaders are grappling with the issue of defending Kavita, TSPSC question paper leak came as another serious damage. Youth of Telangana have been against KCR since he became CM. To supress their anger, KCR issued job notifications. As the elections will be held this year, youth’s support is needed for TRS.

But the question paper leak  issue and the utter careless manner the entire issue has been handled has led to outrage. On the otherside even BJP and Congress are upping the ante against KCR Sarkar. All these developments are giving warning signals to TRS as elections are nearing. 

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