Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Bala Ram’s Darshan Amidst Record Donations

The ongoing darshans of Bala Ram on the third day have encountered initial challenges due to the overwhelming rush of devotees. However, proactive steps taken by the trust have now resulted in a more organized and smoother experience for the devotees visiting the temple regularly.

Rama devotees, showing unwavering dedication, have been presenting gifts and donations to Balaramulori. Notably, the five-year-old deity turned into a millionaire following the Prana Pratishtha, with a staggering donation of Rs.3.17 crores from devotees on the first day alone. Tuesday marked a historic day for the Ram Temple, shattering previous records in terms of visitor numbers.

Despite facing various conditions for darshan, the devotees have persistently offered donations, both online and by utilizing the QR code set up for this purpose. Dr. Anil Mishra, spokesperson of Ramjanmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust, highlights that Tuesday witnessed the largest amount of donations, showcasing the unparalleled devotion and generosity of Ram’s followers. The opportunity for devotees to contribute through the official website or temple hundis further underscores the collective commitment to supporting the sacred cause in Ayodhya.

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