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Bandi Sanjay’s Sharp Comments on YSRCP

Bandi Sanjay's Sharp Comments on YSRCP


Criticism During Tirupati Visit

Union Home Minister Bandi Sanjay made sharp remarks against the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) during his visit to Tirupati on Thursday. After visiting the Tirumala temple, he accused the YSRCP of plundering the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) during their rule. He criticized the previous rulers for misappropriating the temple’s assets and turning TTD into a rehabilitation center for unemployed politicians. He also alleged that numerous calamities occurred due to handing over TTD to people of other faiths.

YSRCP’s Alleged Mismanagement

Sanjay claimed that the YSRCP’s mismanagement of the Tirumala temple led to their significant electoral defeat. He stated that the “deceivers” have been ousted, and now those dedicated to serving the deity are in charge. He made sensational comments, calling the past rulers heirs of Veerappan, alleging they plundered billions of rupees worth of red sandalwood under the guise of temple administration.

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Investigation into Red Sandalwood Theft

Bandi Sanjay revealed that an investigation is underway into the red sandalwood thefts, and a list of culprits is being prepared. He assured that all identified will face strict actions soon. He criticized the previous government for allowing red sandalwood smugglers to gain political influence. Sanjay announced that a report on the red sandalwood loot in the Seshachalam hills would be requested, and those who looted national wealth would be held accountable.

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Steps for Protection and Development

Sanjay emphasized that robust measures would be taken to protect the assets of the Tirumala temple and resolve the issues faced by devotees. He highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to make India a global leader and stated that under Modi’s leadership, India is transforming into a developed nation. He also acknowledged the past struggles of Chandrababu Naidu in combating the red sandalwood issue.

By addressing these points, Bandi Sanjay aimed to draw attention to the alleged misdeeds of the YSRCP and highlight the current government’s efforts to rectify past wrongs and promote national development.

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