Monday, September 25, 2023
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Bengaluru auto drivers to launch own app

The auto rickshaw drivers of Bengaluru are launching their own app to enable passengers book rides alike Ola and Uber apps. In an apparent move to take on famed cab and auto aggregator apps Ola and Uber, auto rickshaw drivers have decided to launch their own app, instead of enrolling themselves on these app aggregators platforms. The app has been named as Namma Yatri and guess who is backing this app? Its none other than Nandan Nilekani. 

Nandan Nilekani backed Beckn Foundation is supporting Auto Rickshaw Drivers Union (ARDU) in developing and maintaining the Namma Yatri app. This app will be launched on Nov 1.

The reason autorickshaw drivers of Bengaluru quote for coming up with Namma Yatri app, is the huge commission pocketed by Ola and Uber apps. Auto drivers who are members of ARDU say that app aggregators are pocketing about 40 percent of amount paid by passengers. As a result it is not viable for them to continue on these app aggregator platforms.

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