Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Bihar: Series of Bridge Collapses Raises Concerns

Bihar: Series of Bridge Collapses Raises Concern


A series of bridge collapses in Bihar has raised significant concerns. Recently, another bridge collapse has become a hot topic across the state. On Wednesday morning, a bridge over the Gandaki River in Sivan district collapsed. This marks the seventh bridge collapse in just 15 days. The small bridge in the Deoria block connects several villages. The exact reasons for the bridge collapse are still unknown. Fortunately, there have been no casualties, according to Deputy Development Commissioner Mukesh Kumar.

“On Wednesday morning, a part of the bridge in the Deoria block collapsed. The exact reasons for the bridge collapse are still unknown. Senior officials have reached the site for inspection. The incident occurred at around 5 a.m. today. Preliminary information indicates that this bridge was constructed in 1982-83. Repairs have been ongoing on this bridge for the past few days,” he informed the media. Due to heavy rains over the past few days, the Gandaki River has been flowing with increased intensity. Local residents speculated that the bridge might collapse due to the river’s strong current. As anticipated, the bridge collapsed this morning. This is the sixth bridge collapse in the state within 15 days. Notably, this is the second incident in Sivan district within 11 days. On June 22, a small bridge in Sivan district collapsed. This bridge, which connected the villages of Daraonda and Maharajganj blocks, was built many years ago. The district collector, Mukul Kumar Gupta, stated that the bridge collapsed due to the pillars being weakened by the canal’s water flow.

On June 29, a bridge under construction in the Madhubani area suddenly collapsed. Subsequently, on June 27, a bridge in the Kishanganj district, on June 23 in the East Champaran district, on June 22 in Sivan, and on June 19 in Araria district, bridges collapsed consecutively. Amid these incidents, concerns about the state of infrastructure in Bihar are rising. The Bihar government has formed a high-level committee to investigate these incidents.

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