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Bimbisara 2: A Sequel with High Expectations

Bimbisara 2: A Sequel with High Expectations


Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, directed by Vasishta, also proved to be a super hit following the movie Bimbisara. Kalyan Ram, before this movie, appeared in many films, but all of them failed to impress the audience. This movie, Bimbisara, brought him immense success and predominantly received admiration for his acting. The film was also appealing to the eyes of cine-goers for the breathtaking visuals.

The directors like Vasishta for their creativity were largely appreciated by many, and many scenes gave goosebumps and gained critical appreciation. During the end credits of Bimbisara itself, a sequel was announced, thereby keeping the expectations of fans high.

We have recently seen Kalyan Ram pamper his fans with at least two more films. One of them was *Amigos. Given the success of Bimbisara, people had high expectations from Amigos. The film, despite all the hype, was a box office disaster. In Amigos, Kalyan Ram donned three different roles, while Kannada beauty Ashika Ranganath made her debut in Tollywood. After the flop of Amigos, Kalyan Ram came ahead with another movie titled **Devil*. The pre-release posters, glimpses, teasers, songs, and trailers of Devil caught the attention of audiences, and everybody felt that this time he would come up with a super hit.

With full hype, Devil was released to receive mixed reactions from the first show. Some find it good, while others have termed it as an average affair. Overall, these two films coming one after the other post Bimbisara did not give Kalyan Ram the big success he was desperately looking for, and he fixed himself to come up with a hit with *Bimbisara 2* after these two films.

Even recently, reports have come out speculations that the director Vasishta has developed creative differences with Kalyan Ram and subsequently walked out of this project. Vasishta has reportedly moved on to a film called *Vishwambhara. While to take charge of Bimbisara 2 **Director Anil Paduri* has been brought in. Awaiting an official update in this regard.

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