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BJP or Congress: Whom should the credit go?:

BJP Government at Centre tabled Women Reservation Bill in Parliament and the Bill was passed. Barring Owaisi’s AIMIM all other parties have supported the bill. It has become the first bill in the new Parliament creating history. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called to change the age-old thoughts as the old Parliament gave place to the new Parliament, while introducing the bill.

While PM Modi Sarkar presented the Women Reservation Bill in Parliament and making all efforts to take credit for it, Opposition parties are mocking BJP’s attempts. Opposition Congress leaders have been saying that the credit for actually bringing it up and passing the resolution in favour of 33 percent reservation to women in Parliament and Assemblies should go for Congress. Congress-led UPA Government has introduced the Women Reservation Bill, way back in 2010 when Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister.

This was pointed out by even Sonia Gandhi. When Congress matriarch and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi was entering Parliament, media persons asked her about the Women Reservation Bill. For which she replied that it was theirs (Ye Apna Hai), meaning the Bill was actually a Congress party’s idea and effort.

“It was Manmohan Singh’s government which passed Women Reservation Bill in Rajya Sabha on 9th March, 2010. Since 2014, Modi Govt had full majority in Lok Sabha but never made any efforts to introduce the bill. After 9 years of inactivity, just before elections, they have introduced bill and trying to publicise as their achievement, which is utterly disgusting. The real credit for Women Reservation Bill should go for Sonia Gandhiji and former PM Manmohan Singh,” said Telangana women Congress leader Palvai Sravanti, hinting that it was Manmohan Singh-led Congress Govt, which actually showed real commitment towards Women Reservation Bill.   

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