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BJP’s NVSS Prabhakar Pledges Transformative Change in Uppal A Campaign Overview.

In his spirited campaign for the Uppal segment, BJP candidate NVSS Prabhakar is making bold promises based on his past record as MLA. Asserting that the improvements he initiated are still visible, Prabhakar vows to address the persistent issue of Tai Bazaar and brighten the prospects of small traders.

Hailing from a middle-class background, Prabhakar claims a deep understanding of the people’s problems. Accusing BRS leaders of extortion and threats, he positions himself as a champion of corruption-free governance, a theme central to his earlier tenure as MLA.

Participating in various campaign events, including one organized by Shilpa Reddy in Vijayapuri Colony, Prabhakar urges citizens to discern between leaders of development and obstacles to progress. He emphasizes his commitment to eliminating issues like Tai Bazaar, which has posed challenges for the residents of the Uppal segment.

In a meeting organized by Samir Peta Dharma Reddy with senior citizens in Suryanagar Welfare Association, Prabhakar underlines the need to identify leaders who can bring about positive change. His campaign extends to the grassroots, with visits to the vegetable market in Uppal, demonstrating his hands-on approach to understanding and addressing the concerns of the local community

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