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Bombshell in Indian Cricket: Gambhir’s Condition?       

Bombshell in Indian Cricket: Gambhir's Condition?       


In Indian cricket, a significant development is brewing, causing waves that are currently more significant than the T20 World Cup itself. The Indian cricket team’s new coach might be Gautam Gambhir, according to rumors. However, it would appear that he has imposed some requirements before accepting this position. The essential condition is to decide the fate of four senior players.

These four players are, as a matter of fact, the stalwarts who have essentially added to Indian cricket throughout the long term, frequently without any help winning matches. The players being referred to are Group India skipper Rohit Sharma, batting spine Virat Kohli, star all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, and star pacer Mohammed Shami, who assumed a vital part in taking India to the 2023 World Cup last.

According to reports, Gambhir has stated that he does not have any issues with these players and that he does not have any issues with them if India wins the current T20 World Cup. However, he has made it abundantly clear that he will not tolerate the team participating in the upcoming mega tournaments if they lose. It is said that the BCCI delegates have consented to this condition.

Additionally, Gambhir has emphasized that team selection should not be influenced by recommendations. He demanded that main the people who perform well will be given open doors and that the BCCI shouldn’t meddle in this. The BCCI, according to reports, has also agreed to this.

In addition, Gambhir has requested the right to select his own bowling, batting, and fielding coaches. He stated that if this requirement is met, he will accept full responsibility for the team’s performance, regardless of whether it results in wins or losses.

There is progressing banter on whether these senior players will be taken out from every one of the three configurations or just T20s. Gambhir reportedly suggested putting together a team just for Test cricket due to the sport’s growing popularity. He also gave a plan for getting the team ready for the ODI World Cup in 2027.

It is not yet clear the number of exciting changes Gautam Gambhir that will bring assuming he takes on the instructing job.

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