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“Bootcut Balaraju Emotional Revelations and Gratitude Mark Pre-Release Event”

The much-anticipated film “Bootcut Balaraju,” produced by MD Pasha and directed by Sri Koneti, is gearing up for a global release on February 2. Ahead of its premiere, a pre-release event was organized, drawing attention to the emotional journey behind the movie. Comedian Brahmanandam, along with notable actors Sandeep Kishan, Manchu Manoj, Roshan Kanakala, and directors Srikanth Odela and Sai Rajesh, graced the event as chief guests.

During the heartfelt address at the pre-release event, lead actor Sohel opened up about the challenges faced during the film’s production. Urging audiences to support “Bootcut Balaraju” by watching it in theaters, Sohel shared his gratitude towards producer MD Pasha, highlighting Pasha’s commitment to the project. Sohel revealed the financial obstacles encountered during production, and how he personally contributed, along with his father’s retirement funds, to ensure the film’s completion.

Acknowledging the support of producer Dil Raju, who stepped in to alleviate financial stress, Sohel expressed profound thanks to the audience. Reflecting on the encouragement received during his stint on Bigg Boss, Sohel hoped that the emotions portrayed in “Bootcut Balaraju” would resonate with viewers when experienced on the big screen. The film, set to release on February 2, promises a blend of emotions, dedication, and a tribute to a mother’s eternal love.

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