Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Brain Stroke: Heatwaves Can Cause Fatal Brain Damage, Warns Doctor

Brain Stroke: Heatwaves Can Cause Fatal Brain Damage, Warns Doctor


When temperatures rise significantly, the protective layer surrounding the brain begins to deteriorate, says neurosurgeon Dr. Manish Kumar from Delhi. At this point, more proteins start accumulating in the brain, which can cause brain cells to die, leading to potentially fatal outcomes. In many cases, severe heat can also result in a brain stroke. Extreme heat is causing havoc in many states across India. In the past 24 hours, numerous deaths have been reported from various states due to heatstroke. Some patients have died before reaching the hospital. Due to the heat, people have suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed. In some cases, the heatwaves have led to fatalities.

At the same time, doctors are warning that rising temperatures are impacting the brain. This heat-induced damage to the brain occurs very quickly and often goes unrecognized. As a result, a person might suddenly lose consciousness and die due to the heat.

When temperatures rise significantly, the brain is affected, explains Dr. Sunil Singla, Head of the Neurology Department at Shelby Shaner International Hospital. In many cases, heat waves impact the brain, leading to death.

Dr. Sunil explains that the brain regulates body temperature using thermoreceptors in the body. However, when the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius, these thermoreceptors reduce their functioning. Consequently, the brain fails to regulate body temperature, leading to impaired performance and potentially resulting in death.

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