Sunday, July 14, 2024
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BRS Activists Raise Concerns Over Suppressed Voices in Lok Sabha Meetings

BRS activists voiced their discontent, expressing concerns about their voices being stifled during Lok Sabha review meetings, particularly highlighted during the Nalgonda Lok Sabha preparatory meeting at Telangana Bhavan. During the session, activists raised the issue of cases and rowdy sheets filed against them during the Telangana movement, emphasizing a lack of opportunities to voice grievances since the party came to power.

Activists pointed out that instead of granting positions to committed activists, immigrant leaders were favored. They underscored the need for opportunities within village committees to stay connected with the people and convey government schemes effectively. The activists revealed that ongoing Lok Sabha review meetings witness restrictions on expressing grievances or criticism.

Appealing to the party high command, BRS activists urged immediate steps to address these concerns, emphasizing justice for genuine workers and a prompt initiative to fortify the party starting from the village level. This plea reflects the internal challenges and discontent within the BRS party as activists seek a more inclusive and participatory approach.

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