Thursday, July 25, 2024
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BRS MLC Kavitha Challenges Congress on Job Creation Political Stakes High.

BRS MLC Kavitha Challenges Congress on Job Creation Political Stakes High


In a bold move, BRS MLC Kavitha has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging the Congress party to substantiate claims of creating more jobs in Telangana than the state government. Kavitha, known for her assertive stance, declared that if the Congress manages to prove their case, she will step away from politics. She further questioned whether Rahul Gandhi would be ready to make a similar commitment if the Congress falls short.

Backing her challenge with data, Kavitha highlighted the unemployment rates in states currently governed by Congress and BJP, pointing to Haryana and Rajasthan as having the highest rates. She criticized the Congress and BJP for jointly providing only 21 government jobs in Madhya Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi’s unfulfilled promise of 2.6 lakh government jobs in Karnataka was also brought into the spotlight by Kavitha, who asserted that the Congress had failed to deliver on this commitment.

Providing a counter narrative for Telangana, Kavitha stated that the state had issued notifications for 2.32 lakh government jobs in the last decade, filling 1.6 lakh vacancies while generating 30 lakh jobs in the private sector. Firmly standing by these figures, Kavitha reiterated her challenge, asserting that she would exit politics if proven wrong. The high stakes challenge has intensified the political discourse, setting the stage for a potential shift in dynamics depending on how the Congress responds to Kavitha’s gauntlet.

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