Thursday, July 25, 2024
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“BRS MLC Kavitha Criticizes Praja Durbar and Questions Government Spending”


On February 3, 2024, BRS MLC Kavitha expressed her criticism, labeling Praja Durbar as a one-day event lacking sustained impact. She highlighted the infrequency of Chief Minister’s interactions with the public, citing only one meeting in 60 days. Kavitha expressed contentment with CM Revanth following a similar approach but questioned the government’s allocation of funds for the Indravelli Sabha, demanding transparency on expenses.

Kavitha cautioned that patience is required for the Congress party to fulfill its promises within a hundred days, emphasizing that any delay beyond that would not be acceptable. Expressing dissent, she protested against 22 families being awarded tickets within the Congress party. Additionally, Kavitha questioned the role of Priyanka Gandhi in implementing promises, asserting that calling her to government functions without a specific position raises concerns. Kavitha warned of protests if such invitations continued.”

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