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BRS vs BJP in Telangana: Can BJP Emerge as the Alternative Power?

BRS vs BJP in Telangana: Can BJP Emerge as the Alternative Power?


Can the BJP emerge as an alternative power to Congress in the state? Will BJP rise with the defeat of BRS, which has ruled the state for a decade? Is the repeated claim by saffron leaders that the BJP is the alternative power to Congress in the state just propaganda? Can BJP replace BRS? Will BRS, which indirectly helped the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections and dug its own grave, recover from it? Or will it sink further?

BJP leaders seem to be under the illusion that they have become the alternative power in the state based on the results of the Lok Sabha elections. In the last assembly and parliamentary elections, the percentage of votes for the BJP increased significantly. It is believed that the BJP’s dream of gaining power in the state will not be realized unless they strengthen their position with proper plans for the next five years. The diminishing influence of the BJP at the national level is already evident. Moreover, given the uncertainty of political developments in the next five years, it is said that if state BJP leaders mistake hope for strength, they are bound to fail. The clarity that the BJP leadership’s focus was more on the Lok Sabha elections than the assembly elections is evident in this decade of governance. If the national leadership continues in the same direction, it is believed that BJP’s strengthening in Telangana is impossible. Since the BJP currently does not have the majority to form the government on its own in the country, its impact is expected to be significant on Telangana. The fact that the BJP formed the government with the support of coalition parties raises the question of whether it is a strength or a weakness, a point that will be clarified over time according to Indian coalition members and intellectuals.

Congress’ Presence in the State

Congress’ existence in the state is perpetual. It will not disappear. Congress continues to assert its strength whether in the opposition or in power. In this context, the question arises: who is the alternative to Congress in the state now? Even if Congress cannot be defeated in the upcoming elections, who will at least emerge as the main opposition and stabilize as an alternative power? Is it BJP or BRS? This debate has started.

It remains to be seen whether BJP is replacing BRS or if BRS is recovering. For the BJP to strengthen in the state, it has to fight not only against the Congress government but also against the BRS party. However, despite criticizing KCR’s corruption along with Modi over the past decade of governance, no actions were taken, leading to the perception that BJP and BRS are the same. This perception hurt BJP’s target in the last assembly elections, where they had to settle for 8 seats despite aiming for 30. On the other hand, despite winning 8 seats in the Lok Sabha elections and increasing its strength, BJP did not escape criticism. It is said that BRS indirectly helped BJP secure MP seats to contain Congress by diverting its vote bank through money distribution towards BJP. Consequently, BRS losing deposits in some constituencies allowed BJP to gain those seats, further fueling the perception that BRS is BJP’s B-Team.

Current Political Situation

Given the current situation, it appears that the people of Telangana do not desire KCR’s governance again. People are said to be discontent with KCR’s administration, from phone tapping to corruption in various schemes such as Kaleshwaram, power purchases, sheep distribution, Mission Bhagiratha, Mission Kakatiya, health, education, and liquor. In this context, it seems unlikely for BRS to regain strength in the state. The question now is whether the BJP can cash in on this situation and strategically take steps to replace BRS. This remains to be seen.

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