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Burning of APMDC and PCB Documents: What’s Happening in Andhra Pradesh?

Burning of APMDC and PCB Documents: What’s Happening in Andhra Pradesh


Burning of APMDC and PCB Documents: What’s Happening in Andhra Pradesh?In recent times, why are government papers being burned in Andhra Pradesh? Is this being done deliberately? Are they trying to cover up corruption? Are they ensuring that there are no traces left for the current government? Yesterday, it was the CID documents, and today it’s the turn of the Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) and the Pollution Control Board (PCB) documents. It will be interesting to see which department will be next.

On Wednesday night, unknown persons burned crucial government documents on the Vijayawada-Avanigadda bund. Some of the surrounding people who noticed the burning saw photos of former minister Peddireddy on some files. Additionally, sacks of documents belonging to the Pollution Control Board and APMDC were burned, creating a stir.

Around 9 PM on Wednesday night, some individuals arrived in an Innova car on the bund. The car had a sticker indicating it was a government vehicle. Near Pedapulipaka in Penamaluru Mandal, they burned the documents contained in sacks. Some people passing by noticed this. The documents had photos of former minister Peddireddy and former Pollution Control Board chairman Sameer Sharma.

As soon as the local TDP leaders became aware of this, they reached the spot and tried to apprehend those in the car. In Yanamalakuduru, TDP leaders stopped the vehicle and informed the police. The car driver, Nagaraju, claimed that they were instructed by officials to bring and burn the papers. The question arises as to why there was a need to secretly burn documents belonging to two departments at night? Is there an involvement of officials behind this? If the documents were not crucial, why weren’t they burned around the Amaravati areas? These questions are being raised. Additionally, similar incidents of burning documents investigated by the SIT occurred in the past, which drew criticism against the YSRCP government at the time, eventually prompting officials to provide a clarification.

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