Thursday, July 25, 2024
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*Cab Drivers Request to Minister Lokesh:*

*Cab Drivers Request to Minister Lokesh:*


AP cab drivers have submitted a petition to Minister Nara Lokesh, requesting the removal of the regulations imposed on them by the Telangana government. On Tuesday, during the public hearing conducted by Minister Nara Lokesh, the cab drivers met with him. They explained that since Hyderabad is no longer the joint capital of the Telugu states, Telangana authorities are demanding that they pay life taxes for their vehicles, and they sought his help to resolve this issue.

The cab drivers pointed out that they had already paid life taxes when Andhra Pradesh was united, and they could not afford to pay the life tax again. They mentioned that Hyderabad authorities are treating AP vehicles very harshly. With the upcoming meeting between the Chief Ministers of the Telugu states, Chandrababu Naidu and Revanth Reddy, scheduled for the 6th of this month, the cab drivers requested that their issues also be addressed. They asked Minister Lokesh to negotiate with the Telangana officials to provide some relief, allowing AP cabs to operate in Hyderabad without the need to pay life taxes for some more time.

Minister Nara Lokesh noted that the public hearing held in Mangalagiri is receiving an unexpected response. He mentioned that people from across the state are coming to the public hearing to voice their problems. Lokesh stated that he is receiving petitions in Undavalli and is directing the concerned staff to address the issues immediately. He added that people are expressing happiness as they are getting immediate solutions to their problems in the public hearing.

Meanwhile, Minister Nara Lokesh also responded to the school bus accident that occurred early Tuesday morning in Kavali. He tweeted on platform X, stating that the Kavali incident deeply disturbed him. He expressed sorrow over the death of the cleaner in the bus accident and mentioned that he had instructed officials to provide immediate medical care to the injured children. He advised school management to check the condition of all buses and to be vigilant about fitness issues.

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