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Cancer treatment turned shorter and easy with radiotherapy

According to oncologists, cancer treatment has now become shorter and easier with the period of radiotherapy compressed by several weeks over the last couple of years, resulting in better outcomes. As per new studies that have revised treatment protocol, the reduced period of therapy is not only helping patients cope better but has also helped them to complete radiotherapy cycles faster during the pandemic. 

Every year on November 7, the National Cancer Awareness Day is observed. This month is also being observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month. For breast cancer patients, just 15 are now being done over three weeks from 25 cycles of radiotherapy in 5 weeks. 

Ruby Sanjoy Roy, who is the chief of clinical oncology said, “The outcomes are similar or often even better. Patients are not having to ensure a longer period of therapy and they are recovering faster.” Around 85,000 new cancer patients are diagnosed every year in Bengal and around half of them succumb annually. Around 13,000 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed in the state per year.

Reduced period of radiotherapy has also hastened prostate cancer treatment. From an average of 35-37 radiotherapy cycles over 7 weeks, it has now been compressed to 20 cycles over a month. Fewer on a higher dose within a shorter span is better suited for most breast cancer patients, rather than a higher number of radiation over a longer period of time.

The shorter the period of therapy, the easier it is for women in Bengal, particularly those who are living away from Kolkata to complete the cycles in time.This has helped improve the recovery and survival rate in breast cancer. This method is called fast forward and has had successful use abroad after which it’s being done.

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