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Chandrababu arrest: Revanth in a fix

Former Chief Minister and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu arrest has put Telangana Congress president and MP Revanth Reddy in a fix. Revanth rose to fame as TDP MLA and considered a staunch follower of Chandrababu Naidu. Both share a special bond and Chandrababu has supported Revanth Reddy strongly all through his journey.

But when Chandrababu Naidu got arrested in skill development scam case, Revanth Reddy has not made any statement condemning his former boss’ arrest. This is seen as a lack of gratitude by many Chandrababu fans and TDP supporters. Many are openly expressing displeasure on social media.

Revanth Reddy himself has said Chandrababu Naidu as his political guru many times. Even after joining Congress also Revanth Reddy openly expressed his affection for Chandrababu. But his silence now has surprised everyone.

The reason for Revanth Reddy’s silence on Chandrababu’s arrest issue is political. Revanth is right now head of a state unit of a national party. Therefore every statement he makes carries heavy weight and will have consequences. Moreover his comments will also impact political equations in Telangana, where elections are just months away. But all these circumstances will not be understood by emotional Chandrababu fans. As a result Revanth Reddy is in a fix, as he can neither condemn nor stay silent on Chandrababu’s arrest issue. 

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