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Chandrababu inspected the Polavaram project and expressed concern regarding its current status.

Chandrababu inspected the Polavaram project and expressed concern regarding its current status.


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said, “I have visited the Polavaram project 31 times and completed 72% of the work.” He emphasized the urgent need to expedite the completion of the Polavaram project. He criticized the previous government for not safeguarding the project from delays. Naidu claimed to have streamlined the project and changed agencies immediately after assuming office. He personally inspected the Polavaram project upon taking charge in Andhra Pradesh. On June 17, Naidu inspected the project site via helicopter, overseeing aerial surveys. He stressed the importance of completing the project swiftly.

Naidu alleged that the previous government mishandled the Polavaram project, leading to setbacks. He mentioned that significant progress, up to 72%, has been made under his administration. Naidu pledged to address any issues that arose due to the project’s delays, including problems with reverse tendering and contractual disputes. He accused the previous administration of not properly managing flood diversion and construction issues, leading to severe criticism and legal challenges.

Naidu also highlighted the historical importance of the Polavaram project, which, upon completion, is expected to supply water to both Uttarandhra, Kostha, and Rayalaseema regions. He emphasized the importance of the spillway, canal, and dam construction in court proceedings. Naidu mentioned the British conception of the project in the 1940s and its implications for water distribution in the region. He underscored the efforts to handle financial discrepancies involving the project, including the construction of the diaphragm wall, which incurred significant expenses.

Currently, the repair of the diaphragm wall is projected to cost Rs. 447 crore. The total expenses are expected to reach Rs. 990 crore for its reconstruction.

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