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Chandrababu Naidu’s Oath-Taking Ceremony Moved to Gannavaram

In a recent development, the venue for the oath-taking ceremony of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu has been changed. Initially planned to take place in Amaravati, the event will now be held at IT Park in Kesarapalli near Gannavaram airport. The ceremony is scheduled for 11:27 am on June 12.

Initial Plans for Amaravati

The TDP had initially chosen Amaravati as the venue for the swearing-in ceremony. This choice was symbolic, highlighting the party’s commitment to developing Amaravati into a world-class capital. However, unforeseen factors led to a change in plans.

Astrological Advice Leads to Change

According to sources, Vedic scholars and almanac pundits advised against holding the ceremony in Amaravati at the chosen time. Following this advice, the TDP leadership began searching for an alternative venue that would be both suitable and auspicious.

Search for a New Venue

On Friday, a team of TDP leaders led by state TDP president K. Atchannaidu inspected several potential sites. They first visited a location near AIIMS, but it was deemed unsuitable for the event. Subsequently, they examined another site in Gannavaram, which also did not meet their requirements.

Final Decision: Kesarapalli IT Park

After evaluating various locations, the team settled on the IT Park in Kesarapalli near Gannavaram airport. This site was found to be appropriate for the event, meeting all the logistical and astrological criteria. Preparations began immediately, with materials being transported to the new venue on Friday evening.

Symbolic and Strategic Importance

The choice of Gannavaram, while pragmatic, also carries strategic importance. Gannavaram’s proximity to the airport ensures easier access for dignitaries and attendees. Additionally, hosting the ceremony at an IT Park aligns with the TDP’s vision of promoting technological and infrastructural development in the state.


The change in venue for Chandrababu Naidu’s oath-taking ceremony underscores the party’s flexibility and responsiveness to expert advice. By choosing Kesarapalli IT Park, the TDP ensures that the ceremony will proceed smoothly and auspiciously, marking the beginning of Naidu’s new term as chief minister. As preparations continue, the event promises to be a significant milestone in Andhra Pradesh’s political landscape.

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