Monday, July 22, 2024
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Chandrababu Serious on Jagan 

Chandrababu Serious on Jagan 


In Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu expressed concern over the high security provided to political criminals. He was surprised that a former Chief Minister has 986 security personnel. During a media briefing on the release of a white paper on Polavaram, Chandrababu was questioned by reporters about the security arrangements for former CM Jagan. He responded by saying:

“Does a CM need 986 security personnel? And that too for moving around with curtains! Even when we go out, they are putting up curtains. When I asked the officials about it, they said it has become a habit, Sir. Why curtains and cutting down trees? I am telling them to only stop traffic when necessary. I don’t mind being two minutes late; I will wait. I tell them to let everyone pass first before I go. I have instructed ministers and in the cabinet meeting not to waste time unnecessarily. I have told them not to engage in any extravagance. We are not kings or dictators to do as we please. We should behave as public servants.”

Regarding Polavaram, Chandrababu expressed strong anger towards Jagan. He claimed that the construction of Polavaram stopped due to the negligence of Jagan’s government. He accused them of changing contractors, withholding funds, transferring competent officials, and ultimately failing to complete Polavaram. Chandrababu assured that Polavaram would be completed with central assistance. He also mentioned seeking central support for the construction of Amaravati.

Meanwhile, the government has issued orders transferring several senior IPS officers in the state. Three senior IPS officers were transferred. Currently, Atul Singh, the additional DGP of the APSP Battalion, has been appointed as ACB DGP. Ravi Shankar Ayyanar, who was the Visakhapatnam CP, has been transferred as the additional DGP of CID. Similarly, the government issued orders appointing Shankabrata Bagchi, the additional DGP of law and order, as the CP of Visakhapatnam.

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