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Chennur Congress Candidate Vivek Venkataswamy’s Vision for Development and Job Creation.

Chennur Congress candidate Vivek Venkataswamy is determined to harness the natural resources in Chennur for the benefit of the local community. Having secured victory, he pledges to generate nearly 40,000 jobs and employment opportunities for the youth within five years. Venkataswamy has outlined a comprehensive plan, focusing on the development of the ceramic tiles industry, establishing skill development centers, mining institutes, an agriculture mini university, and an agri research center.

In a media statement at his home in Mancharya, Venkataswamy expressed his commitment to creating public sector organizations to utilize Chennur’s resources, ensuring job opportunities for locals. He emphasized his family’s longstanding connection with the people and promised to work for their welfare.

Highlighting his father Kaka Venkataswamy’s contributions, Vivek pointed out that Kaka’s efforts secured job security for lakhs of workers in the Singareni company. He credited his father for initiatives such as the leather park in Mandamarri, the Jaipur Power Plant, and the Godavari fresh water pipeline, which quenched the thirst of the people.

Vivek Venkataswamy criticized the current state of employment under the KCR government, alleging a decrease of over 20,000 jobs in Singareni. He accused the government of non development in new coal mines and criticized KCR for alleged financial mismanagement in projects like Kaleswaram and Mission Bhagirath.

Responding to allegations against him, Vivek defended his legal business practices and distanced himself from government connections. He contrasted his approach with that of Balka Suman, asserting that his transactions are legal, and he pays taxes to the government.

Vivek also criticized Suman’s handling of infrastructure projects, citing an incomplete bridge construction and accidents at Kaitanalli railway gate. He emphasized his role as an MP in sanctioning funds for infrastructure development, highlighting his commitment to progress in Chennur.

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